Big WeightChest & Shoulders

1. Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

Several warm up sets.

3 work sets

8 Repetitions

Full range nice stretch at the bottom

2. Slight incline Barbell bench press

A couple of warm up sets.

3 work sets

6 Repetitions

Constant tension reps stopped 2 inches short of my chest and pressed until 3/4 of the way up.  So not locking out elbows and keeping constant tension on the chest.

3. Flat Barbell bench press

5 work sets

5 Repetitions

Paused for 1 second at the lowest part of the lift then lifted explosively until lockout.

4. Stretch Press Up

3 work sets

Max repetitions

I put two benches parallel to each other and raised my feet onto a platform slightly higher than the benches where I put my hands on.  I performed as many press ups as I could really working the stretch portion of the exercise.  Only rested 30 secs between sets.

5. Chest supported Rear Delt Flies

4 work sets

15 repetitions

Full smooth reps focusing on the rear delts.  I got 15 reps on the first two sets but them only 13 on the third and then 12 on the last set.  These felt good.

6. Standing Dumbbell Lat Raise

4 work sets

12 repetitions

Full smooth reps focusing on the delts and being careful not to shrug my shoulders to enable maximum deltoid recruitment.

7. Standing Barbell Press

4 work sets

5 Repetitions

Explosive concentric portion trying to lift as fast as possible.

Overarched my back on the last set to try and force the reps out.  Need to keep this in check!

Overall not a bad workout, I’m coming down with a cold and felt like I didn’t have the power in the heavier lifts.

Until next time, happy lifting!



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