A Vaccine That Takes Your Extra Pounds Away

The miracles of modern medicine and science seem not to cease to amaze us. Recently, a special type of vaccine saw the light of day, being capable of reducing your weight regardless of your lifestyle. Yet, this vaccine makes it possible for you to eat and drink whatever you want, in your desired quantities, while, at the same time, preserving your beloved figure and body mass index. However, taking into consideration that obesity is one of the major health issues in the modern world, an “instant cure” like this one has met both criticism and skepticism of numerous individuals. So, is this kind of vaccine likely to exist?

The first notion of this supposedly remarkable cure was seen in a journal published by Keith Haffer, who works for a private vaccine company which produces vaccines for both humans and animals. Namely, the journal spoke of a vaccine capable of reducing one’s body weight by increasing their metabolic rate.

The vaccine bases its effectiveness on previously known factors – that the growth hormone in the body, along with the growth factor 1, resembling insulin, manage to increase one’s metabolism rate, thereby leading to a reduction in body weight, stimulating the burning of body fat storage’s. Yet, normally, these hormones are kept controlled by another hormone called somatostatin. Therefore, a vaccine which can stop this hormone from affecting both the growth hormone and the growth factor 1 would be capable of leading to weight loss without asking for excessive physical exercising regimes or diet plans. The experiment which lead to the vaccine followed this theory and had quite interesting test results.

The experiment carried out by the above mentioned company involved two test vaccines, each containing a different type of similar somatostatin inhibitors. Each was given to two separate groups of mice. One group was following a diet regime while the other was suffering from a degree of obesity. Of course, a certain number was treated with placebo instead of the actual vaccine. This treatment lasted over the course of 6 weeks, and the mice were vaccinated on day 1 and day 22 of the trials, while being excessively fed throughout the process.

The results were astonishing, to say the least. Mice who received actual vaccines managed to lose 1/10 of their total body weight in just 4 days. On the other hand, the placebo group showed no weight loss at all. The dosage of the next vaccine had to be reduced due to the radical effects it had. Nevertheless, it continued causing weight loss in mice who got it.

In order to prove the effect of the vaccines, blood tests were performed on the tested mice. The results revealed that their appetites were not affected by the shots. However, the somatostatin in their body was suppressed by antibodies. So, regardless of what and how much they ate, their metabolism continued burning calories at an overdrive rate.

The final conclusion of this study was the recognition of the possibility of dealing with obesity through vaccination. However, the testing is just in its initial phases and further research is necessary in order to reach a stage where humans can be involved as test subjects safely. Still, if this renders possible, drugs, diet regimes and surgeries which help us deal with obesity might become obsolete and a cure for the epidemic may come sooner than we expect.

I’d like to thank Jeremy Haze for this post, I have been a follower of Jeremy’s research for some time now.

Jeremy Haze is a blogger, personal fitness trainer, and marketing adviser, currently closely collaborating with a number of Australia-based sustainable energy, green, health and nutrition companies.

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