Back Training 23/09/14

Lat Pull downBack Training day

1 – Single Arm Barbell Row

Sets 4

Reps 8

Notes – Went heavy today and after a couple of warm up sets I was really on fire setting a PB on the weight, I made sure to get a really good stretch at the bottom of the lift.

2a/b – Single Arm Lat Pull-down/Front Lever Hold on Rings

Sets 4 supersets

Reps 12/15 second hold at my level of progression (currently back straight and legs bent but held out slightly further than 90 degrees.

Notes – tough superset this but my lats were really pumped by the end. Front Lever’s are a great back and core exercise and they are a static gymnastic hold that I performed on rings, I have really improved on these over the past year and along with that my back has grown more than it ever has done before.  Just google Front Lever and enjoy!

3 – Dumbbell Pullover

Sets 3

Reps 12

Notes – went very slow, smooth and controlled on these.

4 – Barbell Dead-lift

Sets 4

Reps 10

Notes – Full range but explosive on the eccentric portion.

5a/b Lat Pull-down/Pull-up hold

Sets 4

Reps – 12-15/hold as long as possible

Notes – 3 second eccentric phase on the Lat Pull-down, with the pull up hold I went for a wide grip and kept my chest up for the entire hold.  Wow this was tough give it a go…..


Happy lifting.

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