Body Transformation Challenge Workout 1 – Phil’s progress

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Workout

Hey there, this workout is the first in a series I am currently pushing one of my clients through. I wanted to give you a snippet of the type of training that is needed when you want to achieve the kind of body transformation that is shocking to your friends and colleagues.

Why not follow these workouts for yourself and leave us all some feedback in the comment section at the end of the post. Go on take the challenge!

My client had a very busy job and lifestyle and could only fit in 3 hour long sessions per week, with the possibility of an extra half hour session some time during the week.

His overall aim is a total body transformation. He wanted to remain anonymous, so we’ll call him Phil for the purpose of this post. Phil has a starting weight of 80kg with a seven site body-fat % of 20%. I’ll post his progress as we get further into his programme.

I set about designing this programme to ensure maximum fat loss and muscle gain.


Supplements used:

Bronx Sport 90% Whey Isolate – Take this right after you finish training.

Bronx Sport Amino Blast – Take these during the session to limit muscle breakdown and aid protein synthesis.

Bronx Sport Ethyl Ester Creatine – Take this either 30 minutes prior to working out or straight afterwards.

Phen375 – (Fat Burner) Take this 30 minutes before workouts.



This workout is performed on a Monday and repeated every Monday for 4 weeks. Make sure each week you increase the weight of each exercise by 5-10% depending on how you felt on the previous workout.

Complete a total number of 25 reps for each exercise. However for this session you will be selecting a weight you can lift on your first set for a maximum of 6 reps. So this workout is a tough strength workout.

Perform each linked exercise as a super-set but rest 60 seconds before going onto the (b) exercise, then once completed rest 90 seconds before going back to exercise (a).

Trainers tip – Make every rep count make sure you focus on every lift and tense the muscle you are targeting during the concentric phase. Tempo of lift to be 4 seconds eccentric phase and 1 second concentric phase with no pause at the bottom or top of the lift.


1a – Decline Barbell Chest Press





1b – Pull Ups





2a – Weighted Back Extensions





2b – Weighted Dips





3a – Barbell Squat





3b – Barbell Cleans





3c – Barbell Roll Outs







The key to body transformations is to be consistent in your training, never skip a workout and you must follow an extremely clean diet. For the first month split your meals into 5 meals spread throughout the day and make sure each plate is one half full of a complete protein source and the other half full of vegetables preferably cruciferous vegetables. Drink 3-4 litres of water each day, no alcohol and limit caffeine intake to before your workouts. You’re going to need all the energy you can get for the workouts.

If you’re taking the challenge then please post your progress below.


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