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NRGFUEL is my choice for high quality protein and training supplements.

NRGFUEL focus on high quality products that include only the highest grade ingredients, delivering their customers the best range of sports supplements available on the market. I use the full range of NRGFUEL supplements myself and with my many clients depending on what their goals are.

I have used many different brands in the sports supplements market but I have found I get the best results from using the NRGFUEL range of products. They only use the highest quality ingredients so I am always rest assured that I am getting the most out of the supplements I and my clients consume.

NRGFUEL is also endorsed by Carl Froch Super Middleweight Boxing World Champion who uses their range of products to get in shape for his fights. Carl trains at the highest intensity and only wants the best quality ingredients in the supplements he uses, that’s why he chooses NRGFUEL. Carl doen’t compromise on cheap below par supplements so why should you?


Top 3 Supplements

These are my top 3 performing products from NRGFUEL. Be sure to only by NRGFUEL from the official stockists at as they offer the NRGFUEL 100% satisfaction guarantee.


My recommended products include:

NRGFUEL TTP – 840g – £19.99



♦   Best all in one Supplement available

♦   Over 28g of Protein per serving

♦   4 different flavours





♦   Amazing Thermogenic Formula

♦   Fat Burning Aid

♦   Increases Energy



BCAA Capsules – £19.99


♦   Aids Lean Muscle Growth

♦   Essential muscle building supplement

♦   Improves Muscle Endurance




Beware of Scams

Always watch out for fake products that are sold on eBay and amazon.

I only recommend the highest quality products to my clients as I want them to achieve their goals in the safest and quickest time possible.


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