Bronx Sport Creatine Chewable Tablets

Creatine Chewable Tablets The Benefits:

  • Bigger muscles
  • Creatine is one of the most scientifically tested and proven sports supplement
  • The ability to train harder
  • Great tasting & excellent way of delivering the highest grade creatine to the muscles
  • Pure quality ingredients



When trying to get the most from your training, great supplementation is a must. Without quality nutrition and supplementation, your hard work at the gym can be wasted. If you want to maximise your potential and increase your size and strength, adding a high-quality creatine supplement to your diet is one of the best moves you can make.

Creatine is produced naturally by the human body from amino acids. Our kidneys and liver pump it into the bloodstream where it is taken up by muscles to help them grow. However, serious bodybuilders want massive results and require higher amounts of creatine to get those results.


The Science

When you take a creatine supplement, your body breaks it down into creatine phosphate. Creatine phosphate enters your muscle fibers where it is further broken down into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an organic compound that gives your muscles the power to perform.

Without it, your muscles could only stay contracted for a  short space of time, leaving you unable to perform as many reps as you would like. Creatine solves that problem by providing your muscles with extra energy in the form of ATP, helping them make more protein, and keeping them hydrated.

In sum, creatine helps you train harder, build more muscle, and it keeps those muscles well-hydrated so that stay pumped and permeable to even more nutrients.


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What’s different about Bronx Sport Creatine?

Old-school creatine supplements were chalky powders that had to be mixed with juice just to be palatable. If you were lucky enough to force one down, you could expect it to wreak havoc with your stomach later on. Is there anything more inconvenient than a foul-tasting supplement that may send you to the bathroom while you’re trying to train?

That is why my preferred creatine supplement is Creatine Chewable Tablets from Bronx Sport. This brand’s quality and purity cannot be beaten. Each chew is packed with 500mg of premium creatine that goes to work as soon as you do.

With a refreshing strawberry flavour, Bronx Sport Creatine Chewable tablets are definitely tastier than any capsule and go down much easier than a powder. They also enter the bloodstream as quickly as a powder would.



The people at Bronx Sport know what it takes to train hard. I can personally attest to the benefits of adding Creatine Chewable Tablets to my supplement regimen. Since using it, I’ve been able to train harder and realize very impressive gains in size and strength.

It is the only creatine chew I recommend to my clients, and they, too, use it regularly with very impressive results. I really could not be more satisfied with this supplement. It works every bit as hard as I do, and there’s no way I could get maximum results from my training without it.


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