Bronx Sport Creatine Powder

Bronx Sport Creatine Powder – The Benefits

  • Replenishes ATP
  • High Quality ingredients
  • Impressive gains in size & strength
  • Ability to work out harder


How does Creatine work?

Bronx Sport Creatine Powder is a supplement that helps promote muscle growth by helping the body synthesize protein. This product also helps buffer lactic acid. Lactic acid is the compound that causes fatigue during intense exercise.

This supplement also helps replenish ATP levels fast. ATP is the body’s source of energy. During intense exercise, the ATP that is stored in the muscles is very quickly depleted, and this can also lead to fatigue. Bronx Sport Creatine Powder will allow people to sustain their vigorous workouts for a longer period of time.

As the name suggests, creatine is the main ingredient in this product. Creatine is an amino acid, and amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Creatine also helps increase the formation of ATP. The liver, pancreas and kidneys all manufacture creatine.


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However, nearly half of the creatine in the body comes from dietary sources. Salmon, tuna, beef and cod are some examples of some of the foods that are abundant in creatine. Studies have shown that bodybuilders, athletes and people who exercise vigorously need two to three times more creatine than the general population.

That is why it is wise to take a creatine supplement. Bronx Sport Creatine Powder is one of three creatine products that Bronx Sport manufacture and is one of the best creatine supplements on the market today.


Do I recommend Bronx Sport Creatine Powder?

I sure do! This supplement comes in the form of a 450 gram bottle. One bottle contains 90 servings. I have been using this product regularly, and I must say that I am very impressed with the results. I have experienced impressive gains in my size and strength.

I recommend this product to my clients and to anyone who wants to build lean muscle. People who try this product will certainly not be disappointed. I have tried many other supplement companies, but none of them have given me the results that I have received from Bronx Sport.


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£16.99 for 90 servings.

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