The Ultimate Fat Burner – Plyometrics

When athletes and trainers wish to add a new element to their workout to increase the amount of fat they burn, they will often turn to plyometric training. This type of training involves a series of jumping exercises that can enhance and improve things such as speed, ability and overall sports performance. However, prior to […]

How to get a cover model body

Cover Model Body¬†Part 1 You’ve landed on this page because you’re unhappy with your appearance and you want to do something about it and get a cover model body. I’ve trained hundreds of clients just like you. You feel like you’ve tried every training method, every diet, every supplement and still you haven’t managed to […]

Top Ideas to Shift your pregnancy weight

How can I lose baby weight? You’ve been through a lot producing your little bundle of joy and now you’re ready to start thinking about getting back into shape. You’ve probably thought how can I lose my baby weight? But you will probably find that you have little or no time to do any exercise. […]

Time to get Ripped!! Stage 1

I’ve got 2 months to cut my body fat by 8% to get it under 10% again and get ripped! It’s holiday time in two months so I’ve decided to get in holiday/cover model shape again! I have slowly been gaining body fat since the birth of my son (I’m not using him as an […]

A Kick ass cardio circuit

Cardio Circuit not for the faint hearted       This may not look like a usual cardio circuit and there isn’t a Cross trainer in site! But trust me give it a go and tell me your lungs aren’t bursting at the end of it. You see if you’re wanting to build an athletic […]