My Favourite Sports Supplement Merchant

My Favourite Sports Supplement Merchant   And the award goes to………….. I’ve been using myprotein for around 8 years and in that time they’ve massively increased their product range.  They simply blow all of the competitors out of the water and the price consistently beats anything else around.  The quality is first class and […]

Nutrient density – Should I be bothered?

Nutrient density Nutrient density is the relationship between the amount of nutrients in food and the total calorie content in food. So a food with a high nutrient density would have a high amount of nutrients such as Protein, iron, B vitamins etc per 100 calories of food (a relatively low amount of calories). If you’re […]

Cluster Training for Size

You may have heard of cluster training before, but chances are you’ve never incorporated it into your training. Well I seriously advise you to think about adding it to your arsenal of muscle building tactics. Cluster training is an old school method of lifting but has been made famous again by the well-known and respected […]

Personal Trainer Leeds

Personal Trainer Leeds Welcome to my blog Patrick Hargrave Fitness, I am the founder and owner of Core Fitness Personal Training Studios Leeds where I train my loyal base of clients. This website is my personal blog where I hope to offer inspiration, advice and motivation. I love anything to do with fitness, training, nutrition […]

Twice a day arm training

Twice a day arm training Here’s what I’ve been up to in the gym recently, you can choose to follow, comment or even criticise. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another………….. I’ve been training my arms twice a day for the past month and while I had a fair bit of scepticism of […]