Nutrient density – Should I be bothered?

Nutrient density Nutrient density is the relationship between the amount of nutrients in food and the total calorie content in food. So a food with a high nutrient density would have a high amount of nutrients such as Protein, iron, B vitamins etc per 100 calories of food (a relatively low amount of calories). If you’re […]

Energy Balance – is it essential for our fitness goals?

What does energy balance mean? Energy balance represents the relationship between energy in (food and drink) and energy out (energy used). We as human beings are in energy balance when energy flow into the body and out of the body are equal. This is found when body weight remains stable.   What is the consequence […]

Ways to Slim down fast

Are you looking for ways to Ways to Slim down fast? Let me help you in some easy steps that will ensure you will achieve all of your slimming goals in the quickest time possible. If you’re a regular visitor to this site then you will already be familiar with some of my workouts and diet […]

Body Transformation Challenge Workout 3 – Phil’s Progress

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Workout   Welcome to the third workout in the series of the total body transformation challenge. This is the last workout of the week and again focuses on all of the major muscle groups. This workout is performed in the same way as workout 1 and 2 you will be […]

Body Transformation Challenge Workout 2 – Phil’s Progress

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Workout Welcome to workout 2 in this series of my client Phil’s body transformation challenge. This workout focuses on a higher hypertrophy rep range to shock the muscles further. This workout consists of a total number of 40 reps per exercise. The first set of each exercise will be in the […]