Strength Volume Hybrid Training

What the heck is Strength Volume Hybrid Training????? It’s basically lifting heavy weights for 3-5 reps but with a lengthened time under tension. To explain this I’ll list a workout I set for one of my athletes just this morning.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting the follow up sessions to this workout […]

Twice a day arm training

Twice a day arm training Here’s what I’ve been up to in the gym recently, you can choose to follow, comment or even criticise. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another………….. I’ve been training my arms twice a day for the past month and while I had a fair bit of scepticism of […]

Body Transformation Challenge Workout 3 – Phil’s Progress

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Workout   Welcome to the third workout in the series of the total body transformation challenge. This is the last workout of the week and again focuses on all of the major muscle groups. This workout is performed in the same way as workout 1 and 2 you will be […]

Body Transformation Challenge Workout 2 – Phil’s Progress

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Workout Welcome to workout 2 in this series of my client Phil’s body transformation challenge. This workout focuses on a higher hypertrophy rep range to shock the muscles further. This workout consists of a total number of 40 reps per exercise. The first set of each exercise will be in the […]

Body Transformation Challenge Workout 1 – Phil’s progress

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Workout Hey there, this workout is the first in a series I am currently pushing one of my clients through. I wanted to give you a snippet of the type of training that is needed when you want to achieve the kind of body transformation that is shocking to your […]