Develop a Huge Chest & Back

Performed in super-sets this workout will focus on your chest and back, but also hit your core and tax your cardiovascular system helping to build muscle and shred fat.

I don’t want you performing a certain number of sets for each exercise, I want you to complete an overall number of reps for each exercise. For example on workout 1 you’ll be doing a total number of 25 reps for each exercise.

This workout will focus on strength as you are going to be going heavy and each set is to failure. Using workout 1 as an example I want you to select a weight that you can lift for a maximum of 6 reps, if you can lift more on the first set then increase the weight.

There is no set number of reps for each set, this way you are not tempted to stop when you reach say 5 reps, you’ll work until you’re completely fatigued. This is a very challenging way of training and not for the faint hearted, but you want a huge chest and back right? Well you’re going to have to work for it!


The workout

Workout 1

25 reps overall for each exercise.

4-6 rep max (RM) for the first set.

Rest 120 secs – Negative phase 2 secs, Concentric phase 1 sec (explosive).

Decline Barbell press Super-set (SS).





Pull Ups (weighted) (SS).





Incline Dumbbell press (SS).





Dumbbell Bent over single arm row (SS).





Workout 2

40 overall reps.

10-12 RM.

Rest 90 secs.

Tempo – 3 sec negative, 1 sec concentric.

Flat Dumbbell press (SS).





Standing single arm cable row (SS).





Cable high pull (SS).





Cable crossover (SS).





You may think just 4 exercises per workout is easy, you won’t after you’ve completed the workouts as you’ll be working to your maximum for multiple sets each workout. Each week be sure to increase the weight of each exercise by 5-10% depending on how the previous workout went. Complete workout 1 once per week and workout 2 once per week make sure to rest at least 48 hours in between the 2 workouts. Follow this workout phase for 4 weeks then look to freshen up.


Recommended supplements

My recommended supplement stack for this workout includes:

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