Energy Balance – is it essential for our fitness goals?

Frutas e VegetaisWhat does energy balance mean?

Energy balance represents the relationship between energy in (food and drink) and energy out (energy used). We as human beings are in energy balance when energy flow into the body and out of the body are equal. This is found when body weight remains stable.


What is the consequence of having an extremely high positive energy balance?

It may seem blindingly obvious but a high positive energy balance will lead to weight gain, however if we have a very high positive energy balance it is not just weight gain we should be worried about and this is all too common in many people’s diets nowadays. Here is a list of other consequences of a very high positive energy balance:

  • Plaque build up in arteries.
  • Increase in blood pressure & cholesterol.
  • Risk of certain cancers.
  • Can start to become insulin resistant and eventually begin to suffer diabetes.

What is the consequence of having an extremely negative energy balance?

On the flip side if energy balance is extremely negative this will lead to weight loss along with the following:

  • Reduced testosterone.
  • Metabolic decline.
  • Reduced thyroid hormone production.
  • Loss of physical fitness.
  • Loss of mental fitness.
  • Loss of bone and muscle mass.
  • Metabolic, reproductive and brain function all slow or even shut down.

To conclude, creating the right energy balance is crucial to our overall health and well-being. The negative aspects are plain to see, we all need to find that happy medium to live a healthy fulfilled life and depending on our fitness goals make sure if we have a positive or negative energy balance we only have this for short periods and they are properly planned for in our training.

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