Getting your Macro’s Right – Part 3 Fat

When people hear the word fat they often break out in cold sweats and if you’re trying to burn fat chances are you will try to reduce the amount of fat you eat.

Beware not all fat is bad……

Some fats cannot be made by the body so they are called essential fats and you have to get them from food. The essential fats increase your HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol). They help you fight infections, improve you nervous system and help you to use fat as fuel.

However saturated fat is not an essential fat, and for years we’ve been told that eating fat will give us all heart disease and raise our LDL bad cholesterol.

Many studies have now been done on comparing low carb diets with low fat diets on overweight men and women and they have found that the low carb groups while eating more saturated fat, in fact reduced their LDL cholesterol by more than the low fat groups.

These same studies have also found that the low carb groups have lower levels of triglycerides in their blood stream than the low fat group, triglycerides are fats that we use for fuel.

Triglycerides are stored in small amounts in our muscles but most of them we use as energy come from the food we eat or in our fat cells.

The important thing to note about triglycerides is that they have a strong link to diabetes and heart disease and the more you have in your blood the more at risk you are from these health conditions.


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Dietitians and doctors told us for years that if we ate cholesterol containing foods we would suffer from heart disease because it would be transferred from the foods we eat into our bloodstream.

So they told us to cut back on meat, egg yolks, seafood & dairy. There is a problem with this though…..

If you don’t eat foods containing cholesterol your body will actually make it’s own! You see cholesterol actually has many benefits including helping us to digest fat, acting as an antioxidant and more interestingly is used by the body to make testosterone.


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