Hormones and what they do to your body

We’re talking your natural hormones that your body produces here and not the synthetic type! Testosterone is the hormone most abundant in males and has many benefits.

The biggest benefit many of you will think is the effect it has on increasing muscle however it also helps with increasing your libido, improving your immune system, improving your mood and helping to stop the onset of osteoporosis.

How can I boost testosterone?

A good way to boost your testosterone is to consume foods containing cholesterol like egg yolks, fish and meat. Don’t worry if you consume a sensible low starchy carb diet your LDL (bad) Cholesterol will not rise.

So testosterone has the biggest effect on your muscles, but growth hormone effects every cell in your body. If you went out and bought some growth hormone and injected it regularly (please do not do this it will ruin your health!) everything in your body would grow, which is why many bodybuilders have visibly larger skulls.

Your body naturally produces growth hormone after training and you get the biggest release at night when you sleep, so to tap into your growth hormone opportunity and make sure you are completing intense effective weight lifting sessions and getting plenty of quality sleep.

A derivative of growth hormone is insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) this helps to regulate cell growth in your muscles. IGF-1 responds to training by repairing damaged muscles and may even make proteins within our muscles that make muscle fibres bigger.


Beware of Cortisol!

Testosterone promotes protein synthesis however cortisol takes the amino acids out of your muscles and turns them into glucose which in turn means they are used as fuel. Cortisol levels are increased after training, when you are stressed, hungry or not getting enough sleep.

To combat cortisol make sure to take on fast acting carbs and protein right after training, get enough quality sleep, eat more food and more often and try to stay relaxed. Don’t get stressed out too much it can seriously damage your progress in the gym!


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