How to Increase Muscle Mass

If you’ve been a regular visitor to this site then you have probably read my articles on how to increase muscle mass and how to burn fat effectively. We all know that to increase muscle mass you’ve got to lift weights and use the principle of progressive overload in order to keep challenging your muscles and stimulating new muscle growth.

Chances are you’re hitting the weights hard and experiencing good gains in strength, but are you really happy with the results you’re getting in the gym?

If the answer’s no then I may be able to help. Check out my muscle building articles to make sure that you’re doing the right kind of workouts for you to increase muscle mass and check out my nutritional advice to make sure you’re giving your body all of the vital nutrients it needs. The final piece in the muscle building jigsaw selecting the right whey protein supplement to use….


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You are no doubt downing a protein shake after your workout, but is this shake doing more harm than good? You see many sports supplements contain filling agents that offer no benefit to the consumer at all.

I’ve tried nearly every brand of protein and creatine available on the market and nearly all of them have come up short in terms of results. Most protein supplements simply contain too many calories and end up being an expensive way to get fat!

To increase your muscle mass without increasing the size of your stomach you need to be supplementing with a proven sports range that supports your training, enabling you to set personal bests in the gym and look great with your top off.

I’ve been using the Bronx sport supplement range for the past few months, specifically the Bronx Sport Whey Protein Isolate 90 and Creatine Chews and I’ve been very surprised with the results I’ve experienced personally and with my clients.

We’ve all seen increases in muscle mass and decreases in body fat percentages. Personal bests have been blown away and as for the aesthetic part I can’t fault what Bronx sport has helped me to achieve. I’ve put on an inch on my upper arms in 2 months while taking 2 inches off my waist!

Personally I’ve never seen progress like this before, don’t get me wrong it’s not been easy and I’ve really nailed the nutrition side but the results speak for themselves as I’ve always supplemented with Protein and creatine and never seen results as good as the past 2 months.


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Fitness model Jon P has used Bronx Sport for 2 months and experienced some amazing results, he was using the Bronx Sport Innovation Quattro Protein, Ecdysterone and Creatine Chew stack. Here’s what he concluded:

“Having had good results with each product I also feel they work well as a stack. Every stack should consist of a good quality protein, as this is the foundation for building and maintaining muscle. The creatine and ecdysterone then provided me with the strength and energy boosts I was looking for.”

“Looking at the ‘before and after’ photos you can see I have made some good gains. There looks to be much more quality to my physique, I think I look much harder and defined.  I’m not saying for a minute that this is solely down to these products, as my training regime and strict diet play a massive part in achieving the desired results.”

“However, knowing your own body is important when trying to achieve any physical goal and I know these products definitely helped me in achieving my gains. All in all I’ve found it a great stack and I would recommend trying these products to anyone who wants to push their physiques to the next level.”

Jonathan Pratt – Fitness Model – 2012


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