Huge Chest Workout

USS Bataan (LHD 5)_140420-M-HZ646-027Wow what a workout today totally nailed the chest.  I’m going to perform this workout for 4 weeks, obviously I’ll change the sets/reps around but the exercises are going to stay the same.

1 – Incline Barbell Bench Press

Sets – 8

Reps – 8

2 – Decline Barbell Bench Press

Sets – 3

Reps – 10

3a – Flat Dumbbell Fly

8 reps then, move the bench to a decline angle perform 8 more reps with a 5 second negative phase then, 8 partial rep presses

3b – Pec machine fly

10 reps then, drop the weight and perform 10 more reps

3c – Wide grip press ups

Max reps

Perform this giant set for 2 rounds.

4a – Incline Dumbbell Press

8 reps neutral grip, then 8 reps normal grip

4b – Cable Crossover

8 reps with a 2 second squeeze at peak contraction, then 8 fast reps to finish the set.

Perform this superset for 2 rounds.

Loved this workout today, I often find that clients perform well and get great results when I structure workouts to focus on heavy compound lifts at the start of the session and finish off with some higher rep work to really force blood into the muscles using supersets or giant sets.

This type of training is really demanding and calls for sensible programming, if you give it a go do not perform for more than 4 weeks.  It can be used as a great shock series of workouts to hit new highs or break plateaus.

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