Incinerate Fat with this Cardio Fat Burner Circuit

Cardio Fat Burner Circuit

Incinerate fat with this week’s challenging Cardio fat burner circuit. Complete part 1, rest for 2 minutes then move onto part 2. It uses a mixture of resistance training, plyometrics and traditional cardio that really ramp up the fat burning ability of the workout.

The thing with cardio is that it can be so boring and in fact can increase cortisol levels that can mean you end up cannibalising your hard earned muscle tissue. So to stop this happening keep your cardio sessions short and sharp and most of all keep them interesting. Check out my latest Cardio fat burner circuit below…..


Part 1

Burpee jumps for distance – 1 minute.





Hanging leg raises – 10reps.





Barbell rollouts -10 reps.





Box Jumps – 1 minute.





Kettlebell swing – 1 minute.





Complete 4 times with no rest. When completed rest 2 minutes then move onto part 2.


Part 2

Kettlebell clean and press 2 Kettlebells

(women 6-12kg, men 16kg+) – 20 reps.





Lateral Jump Burpee – 20 reps.





Treadmill sprints 3 x 20 sprints

with 10 secs recovery.





Repeat the Cardio fat burner circuit for 4 rounds with no rest.

Make sure to keep good technique on every exercise for the duration of the workout. It’s easy to get things wrong when you’re tired and that’s when injuries can occur. 


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Good luck and enjoy the workout!

Leave your comments below to let me know how you get on.



Please ask your doctor whether you are suitable to complete a vigorous exercise workout.


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