Kettlebell Training

What Is a Kettlebell?

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Many fitness lovers are starting to hear about this thing called a kettlebell, but they have no idea what exactly it is. It is a simple piece of exercise equipment that achieves remarkable fitness results.

A kettlebell is a piece of exercise equipment that is made out of a cast iron ball that has a handle attached to it. They come in many different sizes, generally ranging in weight from 9 to 105 pounds.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

The handle on the kettlebell means that the weight is unevenly distributed during exercises. This forces the body to activate stabilizer muscles, which makes kettlebell training much more effective than other forms of weight training.

Numerous studies have proven that kettlebells give the body a total workout that is among the most effective forms of exercise. These studies show that kettlebell workouts achieve results faster than almost any other kind of workout routine.

Working out with kettlebells burns fat very quickly, giving results in no time at all. Whenever someone needs to get in shape quickly, then it is time to pick up a kettlebell and start swinging it.

Exercising with kettlebells builds up muscle, which will burn fat even after the exercise is done. This means that it in effect doubles the rate of fat loss. Exercisers burn fat when they are swinging the kettlebells, sitting in front of the TV or simply sleeping. Adding muscle equals faster fat loss.


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How Kettlebell Training Works

Kettlebell workouts basically consist of swinging the kettlebells around. The unique shape of the kettlebell forces many muscles that are traditionally not used during traditional exercise to engage to stabilize the kettlebell.

This leads to great total body workouts that will leave the body feeling exhausted, which will force the muscles to rapidly grow. This greatly increases the metabolism of the body, which will keep the body burning fat for many hours after the workout is finished.


I love to help my clients get in shape, and my kettlebell workouts help them do that in a very short time. It is amazing how rapidly these kettlebell workouts will transform a person’s body.

People that can barely swing one around when they first start are chucking them around like the Incredible Hulk a month later. There is no other form of exercise that can compete with the awesome power of kettlebell exercises.


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