Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

Train online with me at a fraction of the price I charge my clients who train with me personally.

Receive the same outstanding service just for a far cheaper price. If you’ve always wanted a personal trainer but have not been able to afford it now you have the answer….

Why not train with me, Patrick Hargrave top personal trainer and fat loss expert, online. I’ll guide you through my personalised challenging workouts that have given my clients stand out results for years. There is one reason why I continue to thrive as a personal trainer and that is results. Becoming one of my clients will give you the opportunity to transform your body.

Have you spent hours in the gym and barely eating anything for very little reward? Like you many of my clients were in this predicament until they signed up to train with me and now they have never looked back. You see I specialise in body transformations.

What you receive in with your online personal trainer:

  • A total body transformation
  • Top notch personalised workouts
  • Amazing personalised nutrition plans
  • You get support from me 24/7 and not some computer generated program. (I design the workouts personally).
  • All included in your monthly subscription plan.


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Get these fully customised workouts and nutrition plans from your very own online personal trainer me (Patrick Hargrave) at a fraction of the cost of personal training.

You may have seen other exercise routines on the Internet (it is littered with poorly designed generic programs) but these are mainly aimed at juiced up bodybuilders and simply won’t work for the average person.

I train all of my athletes on an individual basis giving you my full attention as if you were one of my personal training clients who trains with me at my renowned studio. Like many of my clients have found out my training is tough but it does achieve outstanding results and I only accept clients to train with me who are willing to give their training and diet 100%. If you fall into this category then train with me online now.

I launched my online personal training package to give all of you who cannot visit my studio the opportunity to train in the right way and eat the right foods so that you can achieve the body of your dreams.

Online training with me means you have to be super disciplined because you won’t have me giving you that extra boost in the gym or stopping you from opening the fridge door when you get hungry, but what you do get is cutting edge workout routines and diet plans personalised for your specific set of goals, enabling you to transform your body.


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Results Results Results!

That is my motto and this is what my clients pay me for, so whether you are training online or in my studio with me you get the same level of expertise at a hugely discounted rate. I can bring you truly outstanding results.

Nutritional plan

I ask every client to fill out a comprehensive screening tool to help me to construct a diet plan that consists of foods that you will actually eat. I aim to make your diet fit in with your lifestyle and work/family commitments. I in fact hate the word diet and I can guarantee that you will not even feel like you are on a diet.

Exercise programme

Depending on the package you sign up for the exercise programme you will be asked to fill in detailed pre exercise screening forms and assessments in order to enable me to give you the best exercise program possible.

In writing my programmes I draw on my scientific exercise knowledge and experience in providing body transformations. I work my socks off to provide you with everything you need to succeed giving you the exact number of reps/sets/rest time and even tempo of performing each exercise.

I encourage all of my online personal training clients to ask me lots of questions when training with me as I want them to be comfortable in performing all of the exercises I suggest.

I only offer one online personal training package and it costs just $50 per month. This is a fraction of my personal training monthly fees if you train with me at my personal training studio. Grab your online training package now. Click subscribe below.


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  1. Hi Patrick!! You are a big supporter in Capsiplex. What do you think about Nutra-Burn10?
    I do not what to use??!!!

    • Hi esme,

      I’ve never tried Nutra-Burn10 so I can’t comment I’m afraid. I do like Capsiplex but I only recommend it as a weight loss supplement if you’ve sorted your diet and are doing plenty of effective exercise. If you need any tips about diet or exercise please feel free to ask.

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