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Advanced training & Nutrition advice that most personal trainers & so called “experts” simply do not know

Patrick Hargrave Fitness was started as an addition to my personal training business to give me the opportunity to regularly connect with readers and share my unique take on health & fitness. My passion for fat loss, muscle hypertrophy and motivation knows no bounds I literally breathe this stuff 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

I regularly post new articles on my experiences, including killer workouts that I use with my clients.

Results are where I have made my name and have enabled me to carve out an extremely successful career as one of the UK’s best personal trainers.

I grow tired of watching and hearing other so called fitness professionals simply going through the motions training their clients using outdated techniques and then having the cheek to charge a premium price for “their time”. It in fact makes me down right mad! And I’m a pretty mellow person….

I became a personal trainer because I’m obsessed with the human body and pushing it to its limits to see what can be achieved. I love to train myself, I think this is of the utmost of importance as I believe you have to have experienced something firsthand before you truly know about it. This goes for nutrition too, if I post anything about a particular diet or way of eating it is because I have tried it for myself to gain that real life experience. It gives me huge pleasure when my personal training clients and online PT clients achieve their goals, especially when they themselves thought that the goals I have set are impossible.

The human body is an amazing thing and anyone can push the limits if you have the right knowledge, I make it my mission to make sure no stone is left unturned in helping my readers to push the boundaries of physical fitness.

Do you want to get fitter and look good or maybe you’re training for an event, but you have to juggle family commitments and work and that’s before you even think about having a social life.

I aim to help you with this conundrum by providing regular cutting edge fitness and nutrition advice that you can follow and that will give you real achievable results.

I like to share my expertise and experiences with as many people as possible. This website is your personal fitness resource that supplies you with ground breaking fitness and nutrition news and views.

Regular topics:

  • My latest Fat busting plans
  • My Lean Eating plans
  • My latest Muscle Building tips and plans
  • My take on many diet and fitness products on the market
  • The truth about my experience of nutrition and training and any products I have tried
  • My exclusive online personal training service (only a limited number of places available)

Why not get involved? Please leave me feedback on any articles I post and if you have any suggestions for new topics then please let me know by filling in the contact form with a message of your suggestion.