Personal Trainer Leeds

Personal Trainer Leeds

Welcome to my blog Patrick Hargrave Fitness, I am the founder and owner of Core Fitness Personal Training Studios Leeds where I train my loyal base of clients. This website is my personal blog where I hope to offer inspiration, advice and motivation.

I love anything to do with fitness, training, nutrition and specialise in body transformations. If you seriously want to drop your body fat and/or pack on lbs of muscle then please do not hesitate in getting in touch. I can help you whatever your fitness or body composition goals.

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I am constantly striving to be the best possible personal trainer and coach I can be and that means keeping up to date with the latest scientific research in the Health & Fitness industry. To be the best coach you not only have to learn the principles you have to be able to apply them. Be prepared to be shocked by the training methods I use.

I love being a personal trainer in Leeds and I pride myself on the results I achieve with my clients and leave no stone un-turned in delivering the best personal training sessions possible.

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Areas of expertise:

I created this blog as a place for my clients and readers to learn more about health, fitness and nutrition and it has snowballed from there. Have a look around this website to learn more about my personal training philosophies. It is easy for any personal trainer to say they are the best etc, but what proof do they have?

And how do you choose which personal trainer will be right for you and deliver the best results? This blog intends to answer these questions and give a more in-depth view of the type of training I believe in, enabling you to learn more about me and whether you should hire me as your personal trainer.

If you are considering a personal trainer in Leeds, give me a call on 07825 314699 to discuss your requirements in detail.

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I train my clients in my Personal training studio – Core Fitness – which is located in Leeds city centre. The unique studio environment means there are no distractions or queuing for equipment. I use equipment that you may not be familiar with like giant ropes and lorry tyres as they mimic real life movements and really push you to your limits.

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Alternatively call me on 07825 314699 to book a free consultation.

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