Should I Buy Capsiplex Plus for Maximum Fat Loss?


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Capsiplex Plus – My view

My experience with Capsiplex Plus is very positive, I use it with my body transformation clients to help speed up their results and ensure maximum fat loss is achieved.

Benefits include:

  • Significant weight loss, it not only burns calories faster with activity, it also works when you are inactive ensuring maximum fat loss.
  • Weight loss is faster because of your body’s increased metabolic rate.
  • It suppresses your appetite & stops cravings that wreck your diet.
  • There are no known side effects. Other pills can cause migraines, giddiness, mania, depression, etc.,


Background Info

The original Capsiplex slimming pill was launched in 2009 and quickly received glowing endorsements from leading nutritionists, dieters and health experts.

Now Capsiplex Plus is the new improved formula that has the added ingredient of 5-HTP. This ingredient has the bonus of providing appetite suppressant qualities along with giving you an enhanced feeling of well-being.

Capsiplex Plus is a safe and effective natural diet supplement that is very different from other diet pills because it is made of 100% organic ingredients.

I always advocate exercising in the correct way to ensure maximum fat loss but I also understand that the demands of day-to-day life often make it hard to follow a habitual exercise program.

I have analysed the ingredients and in my Capsiplex Plus review I explain what each of these ingredients does.


Further Benefits

  • It promotes overall physical and mental well-being.
  • Cholesterol count is improved.
  • Your energy levels increase, which results in a marked improvement with mental disposition and exercise performance.
  • There are no artificial chemicals. It is one of the only slimming products that do not cause adverse reactions.

How Does Capsiplex Plus Work?

The manufacturers have combined Capsicum extract/chilli pepper with small amounts of Black Pepper Extract, Niacine, and the minerals, 5-HTP and Bioperine. (These two minerals are not found in food). The combination of all of these ingredients results in an extremely effective dietary supplement that helps ensure maximum fat loss.

Capsiplex Plus has been formulated so each pill has a shell that assimilates with the digestive enzymes to prevent irritation.

For more in-depth info click here to visit the official website of Capsiplex Plus

Why You Should Buy Capsiplex Plus for maximum fat loss

I recommend this fat burner if you are wanting to lose weight fast and safely. Your health is very important. If you decide to buy a diet pill you must do your research and make sure that it has passed clinical trials, has evidence to back up it’s claims and at the very least it must be safe and effective.

You do not want to waste money on products that do not work and harm your body. Capsiplex Plus has been proven in clinical studies to be safe and very, very effective.

As stated previously I use it with my clients, I would not use any product that was dangerous or sub-par.


Mobilisation of Fat

To achieve fat loss we have to promote the mobilisation of fat cells so they can be “burned” by the body. Exercise is the most effective way to mobilise fat cells, when you exercise your body’s need for energy increases so hormones are released that carry messages to your fat cells that tell them that energy is needed in the muscles. Therefore your fat cells are mobilised and are used up as energy by the muscles.

Many synthetic fat burning pills mimic this fat mobilisation action by using stimulants and claiming you do not need to exercise in order to achieve weight loss, however most fail in what they attempt to achieve. The fat burning pills can trick the body into mobilising the fat cells however because there is no muscle activity the mobilised fats in fact cannot be “burnt” and simply return to where they came from. So you end up paying a tidy sum for some fat burners that you thought would help you to burn fat by doing no exercise when in fact they don’t burn any fat at all.

Capsiplex Plus is different to other fat burners due to the unique ingredients that it contains, specifically the high concentration of Capsicum extract that has been proven to boost your metabolism and promote fat burning even without the stimulus of exercise.

However as I’m a personal trainer I can’t let you get off the hook that easy! You can’t expect to lose loads of fat without doing any exercise. Please if you do buy this product make sure you are doing plenty of exercise to ensure maximum fat loss, check out some of my workouts for inspiration. Better still if you’re struggling for exercise inspiration please leave me a comment below detailing your questions.


How to Take Capsiplex Plus

It comes with two different coloured pills, one red and one blue (very Matrix!) You take one red pill 30-60 minutes before exercise on workout days and before breakfast on non-workout days. You take one blue pill everyday on an empty stomach, the blue pill helps to control your appetite. Both pills can be taken together on non-workout days.


I have recommended you to buy Capsiplex Plus because it can help you to lose weight faster than just exercising and dieting alone, I only recommend it because it is a proven safe weight loss pill, I would not endorse any product that did not cut the mustard. Many of my clients (both females and males) have lost a lot of weight using it.

Make sure you only buy from the official website as there are many fake weight loss pills on the market often sold on eBay or amazon that contain harmful ingredients. If you buy from the official website there are often discounts available for you if you buy in bulk.

There is also a money back guarantee with this product if you are not entirely happy with your purchase.

Before I finish I’ll let you know how I use Capsiplex Plus personally. I’m always pretty lean year round but there’s a difference between being lean and having visible 6 pack abs, I turn to Capsiplex Plus for the extra fat burning help I need to reveal my abs. I save it for the final 4 weeks of my diet to see the most noticeable body composition improvements.


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  1. Hi,
    I have just read your testimonial on Nuvoryn and Capsiplex plus. I ended up with both as I didnt think the Nuvoryn was going to get delivered. I am just a bit confused as on both products Im not sure when to take them, is it just before breakfast?. With the Capsiplex I know you take it 30min-1hr before excercise and on your non workout days do you take it just b4 breakfast/ with breakfast?. And with the Capsiplex Plus Im a bit confused with the 2 coloured tablets, is the Blue one for non workout days and the Red one for your workouts. I was 84kg and am now down to 70kg, I want to be at 64kg, but when you reach your goal weight do you just STOP taking the tablets or keep taking them or do you take them 3x a week?.
    Sorry to bombard you with all of thease questions but I cant seem to find any answers. And out of the Nuvoryn and Capsiplex and Capsiplex + what would you recommend taking to drop my extra weight.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail I would really appreciate any feedback that you have.

    • Hi Leanne, firstly well done on your weight loss so far, you don’t have far to go to reach your goal weight. I’ll tackle your questions about Capsiplex Plus first. You should take the red Capsiplex Plus pill 30-60 minutes before exercise and on non-workout days you should take it before breakfast. For the blue pill, its more simple, just one capsule daily on an empty stomach. The blue pill helps to control your appetite. Both pills can be taken together on both workout/non-workout days.

      Nuvoryn can be taken twice per day, one tablet in the morning and one in the evening are the guidelines however I wouldn’t take it too late in the evening if you want to be able to have a good nights sleep. It contains Guarana which is a powerful stimulant, take it by 4pm at the latest.

      Out of the two products I prefer Capsiplex Plus and would recommend you to take this product to help you to reach your goal weight.

      Finally once you reach your goal weight you can stop taking Capsiplex Plus and focus on eating a healthy nutritious diet along with taking the right type of exercise to help you to maintain your weight. I cycle all of my supplements with my clients and myself to achieve the best results, so if you have a special event coming up and you are struggling to look your best you could always come back to using Capsiplex Plus to help you achieve your goals once more.
      Keep us posted on your progress.

  2. So to sum up you have to take a blue pill everyday before breakfast. The red pill you have to take everyday together with the blue pill before breakfast. But have to take it an hour before workout.??? From which country does the Capsiplex come from

    • Hello Dalene,

      You take the blue pill on an empty stomach, before breakfast would be a good time to take it. You take the red pill 30-60 minutes before exercise on workout days and on non workout days take the red pill before breakfast, it’s fine to take the two pills together on your non-workout days. Capsiplex is manufactured in the UK by Advanced Health.

      Hope that clears things up.

  3. Hi, I am based in South Africa and would like to enquire if you may know where I can buy Capsiplex Plus locally?
    Further I have done some allergy test recently and confirmed that I have level 1 food intolerance to sweet papers (red, green, yellow) can I still take Capsiplex Plus or you would recommend other fat burner that is equally suitable?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Anna, I have not heard of anywhere that stocks Capsiplex in South Africa. Capsiplex is mainly only sold online, they do ship worldwide and the shipping costs are low. As for your food intolerances it would be difficult to say whether you would suffer any allergies from supplementing with Capsiplex, the manufacturers have developed Capsiplex so the Capsicum extract is not released in the stomach but in the intestine to avoid irritation, I would however check with your doctor before buying. Alternatively the only other fat burner I use is Phen375, here’s the link to my review – Hope that helps.

  4. Sandra Brown says:

    Hi You say to take one red tablets before exercise I have bad back and knee problems so don’t do any exercise other then a bit of walking so would I just take both tablets in the morning and If so how long before breakfast. Or am I wasting my money.
    Regards Sandra

    • Hi Sandra,

      I’d advise you to hire a good personal trainer who can show you how you can effectively exercise without putting pressure on your back or knees and make sure you are eating a well balanced diet. Without knowing your goals or body shape I can’t advise any further but first address your diet and exercise regime before you consider taking a weight loss supplement.

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