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What is Phen375?

Phen375 is a fat burner and appetite suppressant weight loss pill that was first released in 2009 and has gone on to be one of the leading weight loss supplements on the market. On the Phen375 website they promise appetite suppression and the ability to supercharge your metabolism.

I first heard of Phen375 in 2010 after hearing other exercise and nutrition professionals talk highly of it’s fat burning facts and decided to try it out to see if I could recommend it to my clients who were wanting to achieve maximum fat loss in the quickest time possible. Detailed in this review is what I’ve found when supplementing with Phen375.

Phen375 is produced in the USA but is shipped worldwide, I live in the UK and I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I first ordered it because of the high shipping costs. This disappointment was short lived because in the first two weeks I shed 3% in body fat.

Losing weight is a battle that many people struggle with during their lifetime. Many people are successful in following a strict diet for a short time, but eventually life happens and they gain the weight back or give up.

As a personal trainer, I have watched many people in many gyms try to deal with the pitfalls of constant yo-yo dieting. This results in the individuals struggling to lose the same weight over and over again. Each time they fail, they inevitably gain the weight back and often add more pounds to their girth. If you buy Phen375 it could just allow you to take back control of your weight.

I use Phen375 as a weight loss aid with my clients which compliments the punishing workouts I put them through resulting in some excellent fat loss successes. I also now cycle Phen375 into my own training when I’m cutting and regularly achieve single digit body fat percentages when I use it.


What are the ingredients in Phen375?

I am only interested in fat burning facts and not overhyped statements, unfortunately many weight loss pills make crazy claims about the amount of weight you can lose using their supplement, on the Phen375 website they claim that you can lose a more modest 3-5 lbs per week using their product. This is more realistic in the amount of weight you can expect to lose and  having used it I can vouch for this claim as I’ve seen it first hand, but everyone is different and you should be aware of this.

Phen375 contains potent fat-burning ingredients. Not only do they help break down fatty tissue, they also decrease the person’s ability to store fat. Phen375 suppresses the appetite and increases the body’s metabolism, thus allowing the body to burn fat more efficiently.

When you buy Phen375 you reap the benefits of the main ingredients that help you lose weight safely and naturally. The ingredients are:

  • Cayenne Capsicum (20mg) – Increases body temperature to increase metabolism and promote fat burning.
  • L-carnitine (382mg) – Is the only substance that can mobilize fat cells to be used by the body as energy even when you are at rest. Weight loss pills that do not contain this ingredient do not work without you busting your gut through punishing workouts. (More on this later in the section – How Fat is Burned).
  • Longjack Tongkate (40mg) – Increases the muscle building hormone testosterone (don’t worry you won’t put on huge amounts of muscle). With many appetite suppressants you don’t feel like eating as much, which is what they are designed to do. However because of this you end up not eating enough calories and your body goes into starvation mode and clings onto as much of your fat cells as possible. This cannibalizes your muscles making fat loss virtually impossible. By supplementing with Longjack Tongkate lean muscle is preserved and your metabolism is increased ensuring fat loss.
  • Sympathomimetic Amine (125mg) – This is a natural stimulant that gives you an energy boost and further enhances thermogenic processes.
  • 1, 3, 7 Trimethylxanthine (75mg) – This is the caffeine boost you need when looking to burn fat, it works to suppress your appetite.

Unlike other weight loss products, Phen375 does not result in muscle deterioration.


Top Fat Burning Facts – How Fat is Burned

Fat is burned by the mobilization of fat cells to be used as energy by the body. Exercise is the best way to mobilize fat cells, because when you exercise the bodies energy need increases so hormones are released that carry messages to your fat cells informing them that energy is required in the muscles. Many fat burners try to copy this process and claim that their product can help you to burn fat even when you are at rest.

They do this by using stimulants, however most do not achieve fat loss because the fat burners trick the human body into mobilizing the fat cells but because the muscles do not require any energy, the fat cells cannot be used and simply return to where they came from. Leaving you with those unsightly love handles!

This is why most weight loss pills are a waste of time & money and do not work. There are only a few fat burners that I have used that can promote effective fat mobilization and therefore fat loss without the stimulus of exercise, Phen375 is my personal favorite.

Phen375 can actually achieve fat loss even at rest due to the key inclusion of L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is mainly found in red meat, it plays many important roles in the body, but when used as a supplement in the right dosage it helps to promote fat mobilization and fat burning by helping the body to use fat stores as fuel.

The mixture of ingredients previously described in Phen375 allows the bodies metabolism to be increased and ensure fat can be used as fuel even at rest. I use it before workouts and also on my non-workout days to ensure maximum fat loss 24 hours a day.

Why Should I Buy Phen375?

I use Phen375 with my clients who are looking to lose fat, I also use it when I’m cutting for a holiday or photo shoot. It has helped me to strip away my stubborn abdominal fat and when I’ve used it with my clients it has helped them to lose more weight than would have been possible with diet and exercise alone.

This is me after taking Phen375 for 6 weeks. I dropped 8% body-fat in this time.

It also gives a very good energy boost, which I often need when I’m following a low carb diet. Just one word of warning if you do decide to buy Phen375 then please make sure you take plenty of exercise to maximize your fat loss and address your diet. Check out the articles on this site for some inspiration.

Phen375 would be my top weight loss pill if I lived in the USA because I have seen the best fat burning results when using it myself and with my clients, however due to the fact it is expensive to ship to the UK I only recommend it to my wealthy clients.

It is in fact very reasonably priced it is just the cost of the shipping that is the problem. I still use this product myself but I see the investment as well worth it when I’m in my cutting phases and wanting to be as lean as I possibly can be.

I am very keen on leading a healthy lifestyle so when I take supplements I want them to be effective and of course I want them to be safe and not detrimental to my health. I am glad to report that neither I nor any of my clients have ever experienced any side effects with using this product. Phen375 is also produced in an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved facility. Not many weight loss supplements receive this stamp of approval, you should always check that the the weight loss pill you decide to purchase has this backing.


Where can I buy Phen375?

Warning! Phen375 is only available from their official website. There are many fake products sold on ebay and amazon, stay away from these as they often contain harmful ingredients and you will not be covered by any consumer rights.

One bottle containing 30 tablets costs $69.95. I usually take advantage of the buy 3 get one free offer as it offers the best value for money at $227.

The official website contains contact information including a phone number. This is useful should you have any questions regarding your order. You’d be surprised by how many weight loss pill companies do not list their phone numbers on their websites!


Added Bonus

Everytime I’ve used Phen375 with my clients for fat burning I have also asked them to follow my unique diets, however I understand that many people reading this review will probably not be able to train with me personally. This isn’t too much of a problem though as the Phen375 fat burner comes with a variety of meal plans that allow you to customize a diet to your preferences. Many diet plans are rigid and make the individual feel deprived. Others require that you eliminate your favorite foods or type of foods. The meal plans provided focus on metabolism increasing combinations based on fat burning facts.

When you use the product as directed in combination with this type of meal plan, it increases the body’s ability to burn fat and enables you to keep the weight off. This prevents falling back into the old pattern of yo-yo dieting. The program also contains exercise videos that help you target your problem areas.


Click here to go to the Phen375 official website

Please leave me any Phen375 comments below.


  1. Would you recommend to use Capsiplex and Phen375 at the same time?

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for all your info, it’s very helpful. I’ve noticed a couple of your favourite weight loss pills are Capsiplex Plus and Phen375.
    What are the differences between these 2?
    Also do you know the official website to buy Capsiplex Plus? And do both companies ship to Australia?


    • Hi Jess,

      I do like both weight loss pills, with Capsiplex Plus you have to take more than one pill as one is designed to suppress appetite and the other to speed up metabolism. It depends on your eating habits as to which one to try. Recently I have been using Phen375 more as I’ve found that I burn more body fat using this supplement. Both products do ship to Australia.

      The official websites can be found here:

  3. Hi, so which fat burner would you recommend/suggest is better – phen 375 or the capsiplex plus?
    I havent checked out the phen375, so am assuming it is as expensive as the capsiplex plus? Ive bought supplements before, and after finding Im super sensitive to caffeine based ones, tried the garcinia cabogias, african mangos, and been disappointed, so am wary of buying expensive pills again.

    I have do a combination of spin classes, boxing, and free weights in my exercise, but am confused with how much I should be eating – some say 10x your body weight in calories (to lose weight), others 4-5 meals a day. Im vegetarian (although do eat fish and eggs), and sometimes struggle to find good protein sources. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Hi Angela,

      Firstly well done on the amount of exercise you are doing this should help to get you in great shape.

      Work out you BMR and then factor in your lifestyle habits i.e. the amount of physical activity you do each day. There are plenty of calculators on the web to help with this. Then simply take off 500 calories and this should be your goal each day. 500 calories spread over a week = 3500cals thats the amount in one lb of fat.

      Diet wise you have to find what fits into your lifestyle, for a lot of my clients 3 meals per day with two snacks is acheivable. I find the best results are when you can fit a diet into your lifestyle.

      If you’re struggling to see your desired weight loss try swapping your grains for greens and having a source of protein with every meal.

      Phen375 and Capsiplex produce very similar results when I’ve used them, I’ve been using Phen375 more recently.

      If you’ve got any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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