Should I buy Phytodren?

Should I buy Phytodren?

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As a personal trainer, I feel that it is my professional duty to keep up on any herbal or metabolic supplements which may benefit my clients. I have looked into the ingredients of Phytodren and completed a Phytodren review.

Phytodren Ingredients

Phytodren contains Per serving:

Andrean Cocoa Extract  – 200mg. Andrean Cocoa Extract contains stimulants to increase the metabolism and antioxidants to promote overall well-being.

Hops (Humulus Lupulus)  – 20mg. Humulus Lupulus produces a mild stimulant effect at first, followed by a calming sensation. Hops can help to ease anxiety and nervousness.

Synephrine HCI – 20mg. Synephrine is now being used as an alternative to the banned substance ephedrine and users have reported weight loss and increased energy when supplementing with it. However the Mayo Clinic has reported that another unrelated diet product containing Synephrine could increase chances of stroke, high blood pressure and even myocardial infarctions.

Phenylethylamine – 20mg. Extracted from chocolate has been reported to improve mood and have weight loss properties. However taken orally it cannot pass the blood brain barrier and the effects are therefore non existent when taken in tablet form. 

Caffeine – 133mg. Used to increase energy levels and speed up the metabolism.


Should I buy Phytodren?

Many people have claimed to lose weight using Phytodren. I would just warn you to be careful when using diet pills that contain ingredients that are linked or “used as a substitute” for ephedrine. While you could well lose weight using Phytodren if you are exercising as well as taking it, many weight loss pills like this just cannot achieve fat loss if you do not exercise. This is because to achieve fat loss you need the stimulus of exercise or key ingredients that this weight loss pill does not contain.


Fat Loss

Fat loss is achieved through the mobilization of fat cells, the most effective way to achieve this is through exercise as when you exercise hormones are released that send messages to the fat cells that they are needed for energy. So the fat cells are mobilized to the working muscles and used up to complete the exercise. Fat burning weight loss pills can mimic this action by mobilizing fat cells, however if you haven’t done any exercise the fat cells will just return to where they came from making these types of fat burners useless unless you exercise as well.

The one key ingredient that can actually help the human body achieve fat loss without the stimulus of exercise is L-Carnitine. My favorite fat burner Phen375 contains L-Carnitine in the right amount to initiate fat loss even while you rest by allowing you to use your fat cells as energy. I have experienced some fantastic results using Phen375 as my go to fat burner.

I use Phen375 with my personal training clients as a fat burning aid to compliment their training sessions and also to maximize fat loss when they are not in the gym. I’ve found that it can consistently help my clients to reduce their body-fat by an extra 2% per month!

Why I use Phen375 with my clients:

  • Helps to increase energy, great for gym sessions
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Promotes fat mobilization
  • Increases in metabolism
  • Manufacturers guarantee


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