Body Transformation Challenge Workout 2 – Phil’s Progress

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Workout Welcome to workout 2 in this series of my client Phil’s body transformation challenge. This workout focuses on a higher hypertrophy rep range to shock the muscles further. This workout consists of a total number of 40 reps per exercise. The first set of each exercise will be in the […]

Body Transformation Challenge Workout 1 – Phil’s progress

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Workout Hey there, this workout is the first in a series I am currently pushing one of my clients through. I wanted to give you a snippet of the type of training that is needed when you want to achieve the kind of body transformation that is shocking to your […]

Should I Buy Capsiplex Plus for Maximum Fat Loss?

Capsiplex Plus is a safe and efficient natural diet supplement that is very different from other diet pills because it is made of 100% organic