Time to get Ripped!! Stage 1

I’ve got 2 months to cut my body fat by 8% to get it under 10% again and get ripped! It’s holiday time in two months so I’ve decided to get in holiday/cover model shape again!

I have slowly been gaining body fat since the birth of my son (I’m not using him as an excuse) and the inevitable summer social life, but I’ve been adding muscle mass so I’ve not been too worried.

However my wife asked if I fancied going on holiday in a couple of months and of course I said yes! So I’m going to be doing the following schedule, what do you think?


Monday – Full Body Strength session

Tuesday – 20 minute Sprint interval session

Wednesday – Full Body Hypertrophy session

Thursday – 20 minute no stop extreme body weight circuit session

Friday – Full Body Muscular Endurance session

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 30 minute Sprint interval session

I’ll be following a strict diet.

The supplements I’ll be using are Bronx Sport Lean Physique and Capsiplex Plus. When you are wanting to strip body fat make sure you only have one protein shake PER DAY.

I’ll post my progress.

Well here are the before and after shots, I managed to get down to 10% bodyfat and do it in just under 2 months! It was tough at times but I didn’t really have to change my lifestyle too much. I regularly work 70 hours per week and managed to fit my workouts and meals in around this.

I’m not blessed with amazing mesomorph genetics so this is proof that anyone can get themselves into some kind of reasonable shape if you eat and exercise correctly and take the right kind of supplements.

2012-06-25 08.41.37

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