Total Body Hypertrophy Training for Beginners

Phase 1 of my Total Body Hypertrophy Training

For those of you who know me I’m not exactly a fan of split training routines, don’t get me wrong I think they have their place. It’s just in my experience I always get better results from using intense full body workouts that focus on compound movements.

You will perform this series of workouts for 1 month before moving onto another phase. I use a non linear periodised protocol of training in these workouts to ensure every muscle fibre is recruited and you get the biggest muscle gains possible for your body type.

You are going to be performing 3 full body workouts per week with 48 hours rest in between training sessions.

Remember this workout is designed for beginners hence the low volume of reps. This month’s worth of training is designed to prepare you for harder training sessions to come in future months.


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Workout 1

Sets – 3

Reps – 10-12 Rep Max (RM)

Rest between sets – 90 secs

Pace – 2 seconds eccentric phase, 1 second concentric phase.

  • Kettlebell Deadlift






  •  Chin Up






  • Flat Dumbbell Bench Press






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Workout 2

Sets – 3

Reps – 4-6 RM

Rest between sets – 60 secs

Pace – 2 seconds eccentric phase, 1 second concentric phase.

  • Barbell Back Squat






  • Seated Cable Row






  • Incline Barbell Bench Press




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Workout 3

Sets – 2

Reps – 15 RM

Rest between sets – 90 secs

Pace – 2 seconds eccentric phase, 1 second concentric phase.

  • Press Ups






  • Dumbbell Forward Lunges






  • Lat Pulldowns





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I know many of you will be thinking where are the bicep curls??? You actually work your biceps harder when you perform chin ups and don’t even get me started on Triceps kickbacks! But I can’t stop you from adding in some isolation exercises for your arms and I’m not against them when used appropriately.

So if you feel you need to perform isolation exercises for your arms in these workouts then feel free just make sure you perform the correct number of reps for each workout. Just one word of warning this workout is for beginners preparing you for harder more specific workouts to come.

Make sure every week you up your weights so you are overloading your Muscles in every workout. Once you’ve completed the month either perform 1 week of body weight training with high repetitions or take the week off to incorporate an unloading phase that will enable you to progress further in the future and refocus and prepare for the more challenging workouts to come.

Well done you’ve completed the preparatory phase of my Total Body Hypertrophy Training that will stand you in good stead. Now you are ready for the more challenging muscle building workouts I have created, this is where you will really see your muscles grow.


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