Twice a day arm training

Twice a day arm training

Here’s what I’ve been up to in the gym recently, you can choose to follow, comment or even criticise.

What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another…………..

I’ve been training my arms twice a day for the past month and while I had a fair bit of scepticism of how good the results would be I must say I’ve been amazed.

It goes against what many trainers, coaches and athletes believe, after an intense resistance training session you need at least 48 hours recovery before you train the same muscle group again to give the muscle time to recover, repair and grow back bigger and stronger.

However I’ve always been interested in how much resistance training say a gymnast does, they train for up to 8 hours a day EVERYDAY on a variety of apparatus that is so challenging that if me or you tried to replicate this type of training, we’d be curled up in a heap on the floor after the first morning.

Yet if you’ve been watching the Olympics the male gymnasts have some of the most impressive physiques out of any athlete. So this got me thinking what if we’re simply not training enough?

Obviously twice a day arm training is very challenging and only recommended for experienced lifters. If you were to train twice a day, everyday, every body part you would soon suffer from over training as you need to give your Central nervous system (CNS) time to recover.

Compound exercises are the most challenging on your body’s CNS so while I do recommend performing 3 total body workouts per week and using compound exercises in these workouts I do not recommend doing compound exercises twice a day.

When incorporating twice a day arm training into your workout week make sure the (am) workout primes your muscles by using heavy/compound exercises and your (pm) workout switches to higher volume training.

My arms have always been a lagging body part of mine, I’ve never found it hard to build my chest or back however my arms have always been smaller compared to the rest of my upper body. Below I’m listing the last month of training I’ve been doing and I’m please to say I’ve added 1/2 an inch on my left upper arm (not tensed).


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My Routine


Total reps of 25 per exercise with a rep max (RM) of 4-6 on the first set.

AM Workout

Decline Close Grip Bench Press

Chin Ups


Calf Raises

PM Workout

Decline Single Arm Dumbbell Lying Extension (Dumbbell Skull crusher)

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Cable Rope Extensions

Cable Bicep Curl



Total reps of 40 per exercise with a RM of 10-12 on the first set.

AM Workout

Seated Cable Single Arm Row

Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Front Squat

Bulgarian Split Squats

PM Workout

EZ Bar Skull crushers

Reverse Grip EZ Bar Bicep Curl

Elbows in Press Up on Medicine Ball

Dumbbell Curl



Total reps of 50 per exercise with a RM of 18-20 on the first set.

AM Workout

Dumbbell Incline Chest Press

Barbell Back Squat

Barbell Clean

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

PM Workout

Dumbbell Incline Seated Curls

Cable Triceps Push down

Dumbbell Concentration Curls

Underhand Grip Single Arm Triceps Extension



A word of warning, towards the end of this cycle I did start to become very tired and found the workouts more challenging, this was a warning that I needed to back off from the volume of training.

As you become more experienced in your lifting you’ll learn how your body reacts to different workout protocols and you’ll know when to push yourself and importantly when to ease off a little. To conclude I’ll be using this type of training spread at intervals throughout the year so I keep progressing.

You can use this type of training for any lagging body part, just make sure you cycle it and your nutrition has to be spot on for this demanding training.


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