Ways to Slim down fast

Lose weight nowAre you looking for ways to Ways to Slim down fast? Let me help you in some easy steps that will ensure you will achieve all of your slimming goals in the quickest time possible.

If you’re a regular visitor to this site then you will already be familiar with some of my workouts and diet plans that will help you with finding ways to slim down fast.

I want you to read this article then use the information in conjunction with my diet plans, workout routines and recommended supplements.


Lets get started

In your quest to find ways to slim down fast you need to use a three pronged attack and that’s exercise, diet and quality beneficial supplements. But before you start looking into the right strategy you need to assess your current level of fitness and take your weight, body fat and various measurements including waist circumference etc. Taking a photo of yourself every month is also an excellent motivational tool to keep you on the straight and narrow. This stage is vitally important in your body transformation so you have a reference point and you can measure progress and tweak your exercise and diet plan if necessary.



Let me start with exercise, if you’re looking for ways to slim down fast then exercise has to be your friend, but not only that, you have to be doing the right kind of exercise that will maximise fat loss. So spending endless hours on the treadmill or any other traditional cardio exercise is absolutely out of the window because it simply is not the most effective type of exercise for developing a stunning body.

So what kind of exercise should I be doing? Well it’s going to be a mixture of resistance training and cardio. So you’re going to be lifting weights and progressively increasing the weight each week, in fact you should be constantly tinkering with the number of repetitions you perform and the time each repetition is performed for on a session by session basis. This may sound daunting but it needn’t be you just need to be organised and monitor your progress. If you need any help with this just leave me a comment below, I’d be happy to help.

Ideally to start with you’ll be performing full body weights sessions using super-sets or circuits with little rest to really ramp up the intensity of your workouts. Check out some of the workouts I’ve written on this website. Completing resistance training in this way really sends your metabolism into overdrive ensuring you are burning calories at a higher rate for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished exercising.


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You could have the best training regime that is periodised to work on different muscle fibres and energy systems but if you don’t give your body the right kind of fuel you will not lose weight and slim down. So how do I go about giving my body the right fuel to maximise my fat burning potential? Well this is a tricky question as everybody is different and will respond differently to the type of food eaten. However don’t despair, if you can work out your body type then you will be half way to finding ways to slim down fast. Even if you can’t work out your bod type you can still find the best dietary strategy through trial and error by finding out how your body reacts to certain foods.

Hey Patrick, this all this sounds too complicated! I want to find ways to slim down fast now!

I hear ya but it doesn’t need to be complicated, I’ve listed some strategies below for you to implement that are proven to ramp up your body’s fat burning ability, it involves a carbohydrate controlled approach to stabilise blood sugar levels, it’s not a low carb approach but a carb controlled approach with the reintroduction of complex carbs gradually as time progresses and depending on how tolerant your body is to carbs.

1 – First of all, for the first 4 weeks swap all of your grains for greens.

2 – Include protein at every meal.

3 – Include a small portion of healthy fats with every meal – think almonds, Brazil nuts, flax seeds, avocados.

4 – Eat only until you are 80% full.

5 – Drink at least 2 litres of water each day.

Following these rules will enable your body to control blood sugar levels and stop insulin spikes that cause fat to be stored. Your body will tap into it’s fat reserves for energy and you will be amazed with how good you can look in a short amount of time.

If you have consistently lost body fat after 4 – 6 weeks you can introduce some carbs to your post workout beverage or meal. If all goes well and you continue to lose body fat then you can begin to introduce more carbs to your meals after you’ve worked out.

When you get to this stage you will have lost a lot of body fat and you will be ready to use carb cycling strategies that will enable you to maintain your muscle mass (even build more muscle) and either continue to burn body fat or maintain your current level, depending on your goals.



So the final stage in your quest to find ways to slim down fast is to consume the right types of supplements. Supplements are not some magic formula that is going to make you lose weight or build muscle they are exactly what they say they are, they are a supplement to your diet so you must have your diet functioning at 90% adherence before you even think about incorporating supplements.

So here is my definitive list of the best supplements that you’ll need to help you slim down and build lean toned muscle.

  • Pre workout – Caffeine tablet, Beta Alanine and the fat burner Phen375
  • During Workout – BCAA
  • Post Workout – Whey Protein, Creatine, fast acting carbohydrate. (You can consume an all in one  formula or make your own).

There are only really two types of whey protein you should use and these are Isolate and Hydrolysed as these are the best quality sources. Hydrolysed Whey Protein is really the gold standard post workout protein powder and is absorbed the quickest by your body, which is absolutely imperative after a workout. I buy my supplements from either Bronx Sport or Myprotein. Myprotein stocks my favourite protein powder Hydrolysed Whey Protein for the cheapest I have found and the delivery and customer service is always second to none.


If you follow the guidelines above you should achieve some excellent weight loss results, but you must have all three of the strategies outlined above in place in order to be the most successful.

If you have any questions about this post then please leave me a comment below.



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