Why you should Quit Smoking – it’s ruining your gym progress

In my quest to become one of the best personal trainers and coaches in the UK I decided it was time to learn how to help people to quit smoking.

So I took a course and now I’m a “Smoking Cessation Officer!” If you manage to quit smoking you’ll realise these benefits:


Younger Looking Skin

The appearance of wrinkles is delayed and it has been found that facial ageing especially is slowed.

Better Breathing

Stopping smoking can help you to breathe easier and couch less. It may mean the difference between having a healthy old age and wheezing and spluttering when going out for a stroll.

More money

A 20 a day smoker will save more than ¬£2000 per year if they quit! Enough said…….

Less Stress

The pleasant feeling given by smoking is only temporary and this soon turns into an addiction. Smoking does not cure stress, it raises your blood pressure further and increases your heart rate, both of which can contribute to anxiety and more stress.

More energy

Within 3 months of stopping smoking the circulation improves in the body, which makes your gym sessions much easier therefore you can work harder and improve your results in the gym.

When you’ve managed to stop smoking and you’re smoking the gym instead it’s time to sort out your nutrition and make sure you’re consuming only the best quality supplements.

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